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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

Aaron wrote:
>To play devil's advocate, was it truly an actionable offense?  

Aaron's referring to "Breach of trust," a very real legal term. I've been told by more than one lawyer that it is actionable, especially in this case. But to clarify exactly what it is, perhaps one of the lawyers on the list may wish to take a crack at explaining it.

>the fact that Dana Skinner (the Athletic Director) headed the committee to explore this is not unusual at all.  

It is HIGHLY unusual in this case. Especially when one considers that there is a quality Sound Recording Technology program already in place at the school, as well as a highly regarded Business Management curriculum at UMass Lowell. AND that UMass Faculty Senate guidelines regarding search committees were totally ignored in this instance. 

>It's somewhat bizarre at times, and it can mean good candidates aren't considered. But it's also effective at reducing a pool of applicants that can number in the 100's down to a manageable 3 or 4.

The "Staff Assistant I / WJUL Programming Assistant" job opening was not posted to any radio or college trade magazines, nor to any newspapers or associated "employment opportunities" websites. And three weeks isnít a lot of time to get the word out and receive replies Ė it seems more than a bit short-sighted to not to get a larger sampling of candidates from which to choose. Less than 5 individuals applied for the position.

>I don't know why the job was supposed to report to the athletic director at first, and then was changed (to student activities and/or public relations?).   I suspect it's because this job...even this contract....doesn't fit the standard mold of positions within UML so it was sort of a toss-up.   

Maybe it was the those rebellious students raising "holy hell" and wondering just what the heck was going on? 

These are just a few of the points about which some of the "resistance" is all about.