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Don Feder? Don Feder!

For those of you who aren't registered with allaccess.com,
they claim that Salem's conservative (natch) yakker WJTK-AM 1150
(now Tropical/Espangnol WBPS) will be starting up
soon;  one message board says Monday.  But the little
item of new news about this long-anticipated(?) change
is the name of the morning host: Don Feder, late of the Boston
Herald newspaper and largely-overlooked talk show on sister station
(why is is sister, not brother or clone?) WROL-AM 950.
If you've not heard DF, not to be confused with occasional
(VERY occasional) B.R.I.G. contributor df, Mr. Feder
brings new  meaning to the word b-o-r-i-n-g.  Even Bob
Kasten seems like Rush on uppers in comparison.
This show may be ideal for night-shift workers needing
a nudge into bye-bye at dawn.  For people on traditional
office shifts, he may cause narcolepsy behind the wheel.

Laurence Glavin

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