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RE: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

At 02:44 PM 10/7/2003, Bill O'Neill wrote:
>For that matter, the school should stop at nothing to disenfranchise the very
>students they are charged to educate.  The very grown-ups who couldn't 
>find the
>studio in a parade?   So, just what are they teaching them by a gray-flannel
>end-run again?

Heheh...well, the cynic in me says they're teaching them modern business 
practices.  But you've got a point.  :-)    Still, what seems like 
disenfranchisement (if that's a word :-)  today could seems like a 
brilliant move that benefits everyone ten years from now.

> > I challenge you to find me a newspaper
> > that ISN'T politically laden.   And I ask who else would the bid go
> > to?
>Oh my.
>Bill O'Neill

Precisely.  What if the bid had been made open and it was the New York 
Times that made the highest bid?   Or worse - Fox Radio News?  Can you 
imagine how bad that would've been for WJUL and UML?   In that light even 
the Sun starts looking pretty good, does it not?  Seriously, an open bid 
process can sometimes cause a lot more trouble than it's worth - not just 
in college radio.

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