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RE: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

Aaron Read writes:

> I think we have a serious disconnect on our perspective
> here...you say
> "loss of control" by "politically-laden newspaper" on a "no-bid state
> contract".
> I say there was no control to lose - it's UMass Lowell's
> license, not the
> students' or community volunteers'.

For that matter, the school should stop at nothing to disenfranchise the very
students they are charged to educate.  The very grown-ups who couldn't find the
studio in a parade?   So, just what are they teaching them by a gray-flannel
end-run again?

 I challenge you to find
> me a newspaper
> that ISN'T politically laden.   And I ask who else would the bid go
> to?

Oh my.

Bill O'Neill