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RE: More On The John Dennis Controversy

Actually, Dennis & Callahan ARE supposed to drift off sports, and I believe
actually set aside a part of their show (7:30-8:00 or thereabouts) to
discuss "news".

In fact, when 1510 WWZN first went on the air, part of their scheme was that
they were Boston's only "All Sports" station and had the ONLY morning
"SPorts" talk show, a direct reference to D&C's foray off of sports.

I also believe that D&C doing some "non sports" on their show was directly
related to Imus leaving 'EEI for 96.9 WTKK a few years ago, and hoping to
keep some of the "non sports" fans that listened to Imus to stay with 850.

Probably not necessary anymore, and perhaps 'EEI should reconsider D&C doing
non sports.

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> At 06:08 PM 10/4/2003, Mark Watson wrote:
> >    I read in today's Boston Herald that the remarks made by
> WEEI personality
> >John Dennis this past Monday concerning the gorilla was part of a
> >conversation with his co-host Gerry Callahan (who is also a Boston Herald
> >sports writer). This is according to transcripts of Monday's "Dennis &
> >Callahan" show that were obtained by WGBH-TV's "Greater Boston" show.
> I thought WEEI was a sports station.  This sounds like it has absolutely
> nothing to do with sports.  Other considerations aside, these guys should
> be suspended for being off-topic!
> --
> Larry Weil
> Lake Wobegone, NH