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Re: More On The John Dennis Controversy

Mark Watson wrote:
>    The Herald reports that WEEI management is reviewing Callahan's
>involvement in that conversation. Dennis was suspended for 2 days without
>pay as a result of this situation.

Is it just me, or do we have a double standard when it comes to 
"racism"?  Between John Dennis, Rush and I forget his name in Rochester 
recently getting into hot water for remarks that were considered racist, 
yet non-whites seem to get away with much much more and no one seems to say 
a thing.  I'm not familiar with the Rochester situation, but I don't 
personally consider Rush's comments to be racist...maybe politically 
incorrect but certainly not racist.

If a white candidate for public office said anything even close to things 
Cruz Bustamonte (sp?), Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton says the media would be 
all over them like a cheap suit demanding apologies and withdrawal from the 
race and possible banishment to Siberia, yet these guys seemingly can get 
away with it.