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RE: Rush "resigns" from ESPN

Dan writes:

> Rush should have just used the latest controversy to explain
> his comments.
> He could have said "I didn't know what I was saying, I was
> stoned at the
> time."  ;-)

I have to wonder how worse this drug situation could be for Rush if his hearing
loss was the direct result of his drug abuse!  The nature of the alleged meds.
can yield that sort of outcome.  OTOH, if he can show that his onset with the
meds. was due to his stuggle with his hearing issues, then there may be some

His "I have to see what this all means" approach today was disquieting.  I
understand that he is, likely, under close counsel oversight, if he's smart.
That means he's gagged by his team from feeding the beast any further.  If the
alleged audio tapes of him are released to the world, oh, waiter......

Howie Carr's callers were bringing up reflective considerations - how long has
he been jonesing, what else don't we know about him, has he been a sham all
along, .....  Rush may be rounding third on this.  Makes me wonder about that
$250M contract with Premier through 2008 and what's left in there for him after
the defecation obstructs the rotary oscillator.

Bill O'Neill