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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

I doubt that a non-comm at 1400 watts would go for anywhere over $750,000.

gary f

> There's lots to be said about the IDEA behind all this....I think it's not
> a bad idea at all.  Probably even a good one.  After all, UMass Lowell
> COULD have just sold the station - probably for $5 or $10 million easily -
> like what happened to WYCM.
> The show's initial quality needs work.  Even the Sun acknowledges
> that.  But many great shows get off to a rocky start...WBUR's Here & Now
> had lots of problems out of the gate...and for a while the show did
> terribly in the ratings.  But recently it seems to have found a groove of
> some renown.  I think it sounds pretty decent, if not rather good some
> days.   That's despite that I'm inclined to be critical based on my
> with it.  :-)
> I think ultimately everyone's ideals are more-or-less in the right place
> (yes, even for the so-called fatcats at the Sun) but the execution was
> rocky due to a larger than anticipated resistance from the student
> staff.   That's not to blame the students, or anyone really.   It just
> happened; I give the Sun credit for postponing as long as they did to give
> time to get ready - the show was supposed to start Sept.1st...if they'd
> done it then I rather doubt it would've sounded even as good as it did.
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