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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

gary f wrote:
>I doubt that a non-comm at 1400 watts would go for anywhere over $750,000.
>  After all, UMass Lowell
> > COULD have just sold the station - probably for $5 or $10 million easily -
> > like what happened to WYCM.

I agree.  The days of ever-escalating prices for marginal properties are 
over.  I don't think Telemedia even paid much over $5M for WHOB with a 
great signal for a Class A and potential to be a playa if only someone knew 
how to program it.  How would you ever justify paying that kind of $ for a 
non-comm that's not a well-established force in the market (ie-NPR 
affiliate or a strong fundraiser)?