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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

At 04:54 PM 9/29/2003, Sean Smyth wrote:
>First of all, I've heard plenty of non-comms in my neck of the woods running
>full-fledged stop sets. WMSS-FM (91.1 Middletown, Pa.) and WJTL (90.3
>Lancaster, Pa.) are the most flagrant violators of the underwriting rules,
>running spots (yes, they are spots) for everything from local ski resorts
>(in WJTL's case) to the corner auto body shop (as WMSS does). At least WJUL
>is smart enough to toe the line, not jump over it and scream "neener,
>neener" in the process.

True.  But to carry it to an extreme...killing someone with a rifle and 
killing them with a bazooka...either way it's still murder, ya know?  "Less 
wrong" is still wrong.   Have WMSS and WJTL been repeatedly reported to the 
FCC?  If not, why not?

>company) -- but how would shilling for an event on campus be violating
>underwriting regs? Last I checked, UMass-Lowell is not a commercial entity
>and they would be receiving a sizable share of the monies generated by any
>events in Tsongas.

The catch is whether the event was for profit or non proft.  That's the key 
distinction.  Unfortunately I came in mid-sentence and didn't catch what 
the tickets were for.   It also depends on who owns the Tsongas Arena...if 
it is wholly owned by UMass Lowell...or at least there's nothing but 
non-profits or government entities that own it, the underwriting rules are 
severely relaxed.

Still, there were several for-profits that underwrote the show and their 
spots really sounded like commercial spots on WBZ that had been hastily 
re-written for NCE rules.

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