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Re: WJUL "Lowell SunRise"

At 03:00 PM 9/29/2003, rogerkirk wrote:
>Aaron Read wrote:
> >...Several of the underwriting spots were right on the edge of being
> >in violation.
>Please elaborate for those of us who could not witness.

The most egregious was not exactly a spot, but the announcers were touting 
some sports arena and at one point they said (paraphrasing here) "Get your 
tickets...now is the best time to get them"  and a few sentences later they 
mentioned that the arena was an underwriter of the Lowell SunRise.    I 
think if you dissected it word-by-word it just barely squeaked past being a 
call to action and promoting a sponsor's goods.  Both are prohibited, of 
course http://www.fcc.gov/mb/audio/nature.html     But it was right on the 

Most of the rest of the spots were similar.  Sounded just like commercials 
on WBZ but with complicated grammatical gymnastics.

I don't have a tape :-(  but if anyone can provide me one (or a CD or MP3) 
I'll gladly go through and dissect it word-by-word.  I'll try to record it 
again tomorrow and see if I can get it then.  I'm sure most of the 
underwriting spots will be the same.

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