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Re: Red Sox TV; starting time

  Bob Nelson wrote:

> In the meantime, the first couple games of the playoff
> will probably be on ESPN but will also be seen on an
> over-the-air station in Boston. One of the papers said
> it may wind up on Ch. 68. Ch. 5 is supposed to be the
> one to air the game, but ABC doesn't want their new
> shows to be pre-empted.
> Why not Viacom's Ch. 4 or 38? Well, Ch. 5 controls
> where the game winds up and they don't want Viacom to
> get any ratings bump from it--even if it does start
> fairly late. So it may be on Ch. 68...

   Just read in the paper the starting times for the first 2 games, which
will be played in Oakland. Game 1 on Wed. will start at 10:06 PM, and will
air nationally on ESPN. Game 2 on Thursday will start at 4:06 PM, and will
be on ESPN 2.

   On Friday's 11PM news, WCVB (Channel 5) sports anchor Bob Halloran said
that they may be carrying some Red Sox post season action. They would have
further information as the schedules are set. Would Channel 5 blow off the
last hour of ABC prime time, their 11PM news, and ABC's "Nightline" and
"Jimmy Kimmel Live" to carry the Wed. game? I don't think they would blow
off Oprah Winfrey and the early newscasts on Thursday for that game. As far
as Game 3, that is on Saturday at Fenway Park, time not yet announced, but I
would guess it would be a 7 or 8 PM game to avoid going up against the slate
of afternoon college football. Channel 5 might air the Saturday game, ABC
usually airing a movie or college foiotball in prime time on Saturday, so
that might not be a big deal for WCVB. to blow ABC off one night. Game 4 if
needed is Sunday at Fenway, safe to say that will be a 8 PM game to avoid
NFL competition. Channel 5 may or may not pass on that one, depending on
what ABC has for programming.

    Bottom line: TV dictates when major sporting events will start, all in
the name of ratings and $$$$. Just my .02

 Mark Watson