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Red Sox TV; starting time

The Red Sox and A's face off in the first round of the
baseball playoffs starting Wed. Interestingly enough,
while it was rumored that the start time
would be 4 pm here, now I'm hearing they're starting
the game at 10 Eastern. So much for the kids (and many
other folks) being able to watch the whole
game...not sure if that's official yet but I think it

In the meantime, the first couple games of the playoff
will probably be on ESPN but will also be seen on an
over-the-air station in Boston. One of the papers said
it may wind up on Ch. 68. Ch. 5 is supposed to be the
one to air the game, but ABC doesn't want their new
shows to be pre-empted.
Why not Viacom's Ch. 4 or 38? Well, Ch. 5 controls
where the game winds up and they don't want Viacom to
get any ratings bump from it--even if it does start
fairly late. So it may be on Ch. 68...