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RE: Red Sox TV; starting time

Ch 5 was advertising as of Sat Eve that "The Game's on 5"

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> Subject: Red Sox TV; starting time
> The Red Sox and A's face off in the first round of the
> baseball playoffs starting Wed. Interestingly enough,
> while it was rumored that the start time
> would be 4 pm here, now I'm hearing they're starting
> the game at 10 Eastern. So much for the kids (and many
> other folks) being able to watch the whole
> game...not sure if that's official yet but I think it
> is.
> In the meantime, the first couple games of the playoff
> will probably be on ESPN but will also be seen on an
> over-the-air station in Boston. One of the papers said
> it may wind up on Ch. 68. Ch. 5 is supposed to be the
> one to air the game, but ABC doesn't want their new
> shows to be pre-empted.
> Why not Viacom's Ch. 4 or 38? Well, Ch. 5 controls
> where the game winds up and they don't want Viacom to
> get any ratings bump from it--even if it does start
> fairly late. So it may be on Ch. 68...