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First off, the 1470 station that used to be WSRO is now WAZN. WAZN is
co-owned with WLYN 1360 in Lynn by Arthur Liu's Multicultural Broadcasting,
which owns four AMs and an FM in the New York market. Multiculural
specializes in leased-ethnic programming. WLYN and WAZN will soon operate
from studios in Woburn. If I had to guess where in Woburn, I'd guess
somewhere in Cummings Park, but I don't know that for a fact. If you want to
know for sure, call WLYN in Lynn and ask for Jeff Kline, the GM. I think
that at the moment WAZN's studios are at the WKOX site at 100 Mt Wayte Ave
in Framingham. I believe that control of WAZN has been transferred from Alex
Langer to Multicultural but Langer must still be LMAing the station because
most of the time, WAZN runs // WSRO 650 in Ashland, which Langer still owns
and which, until recently, was WJLT and before that was WRPT.

WAZN currently still transmits from Hudson using a 100' top-loaded tower.
The station runs a couple of hundred watts days and maybe 20W at night,
ND-U. This operation is under STA as the station holds a CP to change its
COL and radically change its operation. At some point allegedly not too far
in the future, WAZN will change its COL to Watertown and will begin
transmitting from the 1150 site at 75 Concord Ave in Lexington at the
Belmont line. The facilities will be 1400W-D/3400W-N DA-2 using all three of
1150's towers. The day pattern will send most signal northwest--away from
Boston--to protect WSAR and WBET to the south. At night, the pattern will
resemble the old 1470 night pattern and the 1150 night pattern, with most
signal going southeast toward Boston. I am a bit surprised that the day
pattern will deliver 5 mV/m to enough of Watertown to allow the station to
be licensed to that community.

I am also waiting for another shoe to drop, but it cannot do so until the
FCC opens an AM major-change filing window. Just within the past few days,
the FCC granted Salem's application to acquire 1150. When major-change
applications are accepted, I think Salem is likely to apply to change the
COL of its WROL 950 from Boston to Belmont and move WROL's night operation
from Saugus to the 1150 site. This would allow 950 to upgrade from Class D
to Class B status, perhaps with as much as 5 kW-N. There would be no change
in WROL's 5-kW nondirectional daytime operation as the Saugus site is just
unbeatable for that.
Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
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> Can someone tell me where the WSRO studios and TX are located now? During
> visit to the area I took a spin down Fitchburg St. in Marlboro a couple of
> weeks ago and noticed the old studio/TX site and towers are long gone,
> replaced by a contemporary new home...I think we've discussed it on the
> list...simply can't remember what happened to the station after Doug Rowe
> sold it some years ago...
> Sid Whitaker
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