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Sid writes:
> Can someone tell me where the WSRO studios and TX are located now? During
> visit to the area I took a spin down Fitchburg St. in Marlboro a couple of
> weeks ago and noticed the old studio/TX site and towers are long gone,
> replaced by a contemporary new home...I think we've discussed it on the
> list...simply can't remember what happened to the station after Doug Rowe
> sold it some years ago...

Well, you're talking about WAZN now, since the WSRO calls were shifted down
to 650 a number of months back, in anticipation of 1470's relocation to the
1150 site in Lexington (and a subsequent change in COL to Watertown)..The
current 1470 site is a temporary stick somewhere in the city of Marlborough
or Hudson (I forget which). Studios are shared with the stations currently
owned by Alexander Langer at the WKOX/Clear Channel facility in Framingham.

I don't think Doug technically sold 1470 ... I believe it was repoed by the
government, for lack of tax payment, then Langer bought it at auction. (I
could be getting WSRO and WGAW confused; I'm pretty sure one of them was
seized by the IRS.) Arthur Liu agreed to purchase the station from Langer
last year sometime, IIRC. I believe the agreement stipulated Langer had to
build out the move to Lexington before the sale became final, though.

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