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Re: Concept advertising (was Re: Non-competes)

Aaron Read wrote:

>...it's amazing how much damage to a fetus even a compartively tiny 
>amount of alcohol can do...especially when it's at certain stages of 
>fetal development (for example, a beer at 35 weeks will do a lot less 
>damage than a beer at 12 weeks).
>IIRC, conventional wisdom these days is that ANY amount of alcohol 
>is bad for the fetus, regardless of what form it comes in.

Pre-'88, Good Morning america did a segment on the effects of alcohol poisoning in unborn children.  The pictures of the children showed distinct facial features quite common to people I used to play music for in certain economically depressed locales.  Their average income was quite low and their alcohol consumption was quite high - apparently among their mothers, too.  e.g. at one party, by midnight, a 30" x 8' banquet table was covered completely by standing Budweiser bottles - consumed solely by the 10 people sitting at that table.