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RE: Concept advertising (was Re: Non-competes)

> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Brian Vita wrote:
> > Old photos hanging around the building.  Glad to be out of there, 
> > though not Nearly as glad as my insurance agent ;-)
> Hehehe...
> What was the matter with the building? Was it falling apart?

Hell no.  I expect that building will outlive me.  The original building was
a wood frame type house.  Grafted on to the back of that was a two story
building that later had two more stories added.  Grafted on to the back of
that was a brick building and, on the back of that, a block building and on
the side of that a brick addition.  Of the three doors to the outside world,
not one was at grade.  You either had to go upstairs or downstairs to get
in.  None of the three elevators stopped at grade.  You either had dock
height or had to climb stairs to get to them.  The elevators were last
inspected the year that I graduated from high school.  All were manual.  Our
company policy was not to use them unless you had a cell phone or 2 way
radio to call for help on your person.  No emergency lighting in most of the
building.  Scary wiring.  You could not walk from one end of the buiding to
the other without changing levels at least 3 times and/or walking through
another tenants space....dubious fire alarm....central unisex baths on each

The tenants were constantly changing.  We had upholstery shops, metal
plating facilities, a place that made fiberglass dinorsaur heads, a place
that made Christmas decorations out of cookies, machine shops, shoe
manufacturing supplies, an artist, a computer dealer, a metal stamping
shop... Shall I continue?

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