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Re: Brudnoy's shocking announcement

Donna wrote:
> If you haven't been listening tonight, WBZ's talk show legend David
> has been diagnosed with cancer.  He says it's a rare form of cancer, and
> there is certainly hope that he will survive, but still, it's shocking
> news.  David is one of the few erudite and balanced talk show hosts on the
> air, and one of the gentlemen of the industry-- if you believe in the
> of prayer, please keep David in yours.

Prayers have certainly been sent in his direction before and done him well.
Hopefully he pulls through.

I wonder if David decided to announce this on-air this time because of what
happened about 10 years ago with the Globe "outing" his AIDS diagnosis. I
seem to remember it being quite the media frenzy at the time.

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