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Re: Brudnoy's shocking announcement

 Sean Smyth wrote:

> I wonder if David decided to announce this on-air this time because of
> happened about 10 years ago with the Globe "outing" his AIDS diagnosis. I
seem to remember it being quite the media frenzy at the time.

   That very well could be why he chose to make the disclosure on his show,
to avoid a repeat of what happened when the Globe reported his HIV diagnosis
before he told us.

   Also interesting to note, WCVB (Channel 5) had the David Brudnoy cancer
story as it's top story on the 11PM news, including an interview with
Brudnoy done inside the WBZ building, along with video of Brudnoy in the
studio. WBZ-TV (Channel 4) and WHDH (Channel 7) had the heavy rains of this
afternoon at the top of their 11PM newscasts. You would think that WBZ
radio's TV side would have had it at the top of the news.

   And yes, David Brudnoy in my prayers as well.

Mark Watson