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Re: WINQ-FM 97.7 Moving

> On my drive home tonight, I discovered that WINQ-FM is simulcasting
> WKBK Keene.  There was no mention of the FM during the short time I
> listened, just the WKBK 1290 AM slogans.

Yep.  As has been discussed here and on the Boston Radio-Info page, WINQ is
simulcasting WKBK Keene.  When the station changed hands, it was sold to
them without the studios housed in the old gas station at the corner of Rts.
202 and 12 in the center of Winchendon.  Outside of going dark, WINQ had
little choice but to simulcast something.
> Oh, I see that 100000watts.com already lists WINQ-FM as //WKBK, so
> perhaps it's old news.

It is.  When I was up there in March, they had been simulcasting for a
couple of weeks.

To re-direct this thread somewhat, when, pray tell, did WKBK swap
frequencies with WKNE?  WKBK used to TX on 1220 and KNE on 1290, but I never
heard anything about when they swapped.  Anyone have info?

Steve West