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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

From: "Dan Billings" <billings@suscom-maine.net>

> > So the Blacklist of the 1950s was OK with you?
> The Blacklist was created due to government pressure on the entertainment
> industry.  It was not due strictly to private action.  The companies acted
> because of government pressure.  As a result, it was not OK.  If the
> studios, on there own without government involvement, decided not to hire
> Communists, I would have no problem with that.
> > Really?  Did someone suggest it was OK?
> Joe did.  Or at least seemed to have a problem with the Globe taking

Please don't attribute things to me I did note say.

The Globe can do whatever they want as far as I am concerned.  Here's my
quote pasted below:

> Actually, I *wasn't* drawing the connection to Gov't
> Parental Right...or even the Globe's right to do what
> they want...