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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

On 7 May 2003 at 14:06, Dan Billings wrote:

> Maybe, but free speech is a two way street.  Bob Ryan has a right to say
> what he wants and the Globe has a right not to have him work for them if
> they don't like what he says.  The same with the Dixie Chicks  -- they can
> criticize the President and others can criticize them or refuse to play
> their music.  All the First Amendment guarantees is that the government
> will not interfere with your ability to speak.  You can say whatever you
> would like but others are free not to associate with you due to your
> statements. 

So the Blacklist of the 1950s was OK with you?

> I have always found it odd that certain words are banned from broadcasts
> -- no matter what the context.  But someone can go on TV and suggest
> something truly dangerous (that women who get out of line should be hit)
> and that's OK.  

Really?  Did someone suggest it was OK?

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