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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

>>he was entitled to his opinion -- the jist of which is that he feels she's exploiting her kid for face time. Suggesting to smack anyone (man or woman) is a tad tabloidish, though.<<

Not the point.  Not the point at all.  He could have expressed the same sentiment quite differently, without making an invidious reference to "smack(ing) her."  He easily could have said, "She needs a reality check," or "She needs to stop using her child," or "Using her child is despicable," or any other of a number of non-violent references.

Al Campanis wasn't advocating racism either (in fact, he had been a roommate of Jackie Robinson, and the two got along quite well), but the same principle applies:  He could have said that black people weren't members of the "old boy network" of baseball managers, and he could have explained why that was...but instead he made a remark which was easily construed as racist, and he suffered for it.

Sid Schweiger
MIS Manager, Entercom Boston LLC