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Re: Bob Ryan suspended one month

From: "Dan Billings" <billings@suscom-maine.net>

> > Let's keep this in perspective....
> >
> > Bob Ryan said "words" that were offensive = Should be fired.(?)
> You certainly seemed to be suggesting that someone wasn't keeping this in
> perspective.

You left out my next line.  I was making a comparison between the two
situations and how the public was responding to it.

> And you also wrote
> >I'm only pointing out how 'outraged' people are by a
> comment someone made in jest....that *nobody* even
> believes he really meant or advocated.
> Maybe you didn't mean you think what he said was OK, but you apparently
> don't think people should be upset by it.

Your telling me what  *I*  "don't think"?

I, as plainly stated, as a person who studies the media...was making an
observation about the two situations.  I was just pointing out what appeared
to be an incongruency in the reaction.

Someone here said he should be "fired immediately", because there grandson
was killed in domestic abuse.

In light of the fact that no one really believes he advocates such....I
think perspective is warranted.

Again, the Globe can do whats best for the Globe.

> I think those statements are
> roughly equivalent.

They weren't.