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RE: conservative

I think the disconnect between leadership and the citizenry in Massachusetts
is as great as it has ever been.

Look at Ballot Questions vs elected officials. Massauchsetts votes much more
conservative (relatively speaking) on ballot questions than on House and
Senate members.

I think (and since MA has elected 3 GOP governors in a row) that where the
media attention overrides the "hard-core" vote for the guy/gal with the "D"
attitude, the more conservative (fiscally) candidate wins. House and Senate
seats (State of MA, that is) do not get the level of exposure where the
party affiliation no longer becomes a factor.

As much as the GOP has an edge here in NH, the ratio (%) of D's in the MA
legislature is greater than the % of "R's" in the NH legislature.

....and that's why I think MA residents skew more conservative on Talk-Show
hosts than one might expect based on elected office holders.

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> It does seem strange that in a place where virtually
> all elected officials are liberal democrats,
> conservative radio does so well. And not for lack of
> liberal opponents. There have always been second tier
> talk masters, from i e America, or Westwood that have
> been middle to left, they just don't generate the same
> excitement. Even the women's shows don't seem to have
> the spark, although some do OK.
> Things could change quickly. After a big dose of talk
> radio pre and during war, it would not be unusual for
> there to be a mass exit from all talk radio back to
> music and sports.
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