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RE: conservative

Keating writes:

> Things could change quickly. After a big dose of talk
> radio pre and during war, it would not be unusual for
> there to be a mass exit from all talk radio back to
> music and sports.

You can hear the sucking sound now.  As for our home, it was all nx all the
time.  Not anymore.  The overdose of the repetition of stories, themes,
sounders, sweepers, stagers, updates, previews, retrospectives, capsules (aural,
not oral), and bulletins-now-slugged-"Breaking News"......  When did news start
to break, anyway?  Comedy Central's faux news program when Kilborne was the host
(and the show was funny) had a great liner, likely a retread but funny,
nonetheless: "<big boy voice> When news breaks, we fix it."

Bill O'Neill