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Boston-area Translator apps

Anyone notice that in the recent commercial-band translator app window, 
Emerson College has filed for a few translators!

One in New Bedford on 96.5FM with 19w at 116m AGL.

Another in Worcester on 97.7FM, also with 19w but at 84m AGL

Lots more interesting translators...although something to keep in mind is 
that an app for 94.9 in Quincy (by Living Proof, Inc) has already been 
dismissed.  FCC site doesn't say why.

CSN International of the 90.5FM powerhouse in Manomet with the COL of 
Scituate - is applying for:

96.5 / 1 watt @ 233m AGL in Quincy (ya think WTKK on 96.9 might have 
something to say about that??)   It must be on the Blue Hill 
site...Lat/Long puts it just south of Cunningham Park in Milton.

102.9FM / 1 watt @ 248m AGL in Boston (ya think WCRB and WODS might have 
something to say about that??).  Lat/Long puts it on top of the Hancock 
Tower...I thought after that messiness with WZLX (was it ZLX?) back in the 
day the Hancock tower didn't accept radio clients for tower space?

Living Proof, Inc is going for 102.1FM / 10 watts @ 233m AGL in Quincy 
(also at Blue Hill)...again, ya think WCRB might have something to say 
about that?   WFNX might as well.   Living Proof is also going for 99.5 in 
"Sandwitch" (that's what the app says!) which 99.9 WQRC will probably 
fight.  106.5 in Barnstable as well, which WCOD 106.1 will block.  And 
they're angling for 96.5 in Plymouth (WTKK where are you? :-)   Finally 
they want 94.9 in Boston (with WHRB and WJMN?  Not likely)

Did all these idiots forget about second-adjacent spacing requirements???

Northeast Broadcasting Company is aiming for:
102.9 / 10w @ 251m AGL also on Hancock Tower, with WCRB? Ya right...but 
they're also going for...
102.1 on the Blue Hill, also for 96.5 / 10w @ 152m in Needham (FM-128 I 
think) with WCRB??, also for...
94.9 / 13w @ 91m AGL in Lexington (just west of the Belmont County Club and 
south of Rt.2)...fat chance with WJMN.

Radio Assist Ministry is gunning for 96.5 / 27w @ 46m AGL in 
Gloucester.  I'm told RAM is going for extremely ambitious translators 
across New England (remember, all commercial translators can only be fed 
via an off-the-air reception - no satellites!)   WTKK's 60dBu contour does 
cover ALL of Cape Ann - and all the way up to Newburyport - so I doubt this 
one will slip through.

Edgewater Broadcasting wants 99.9 / 19w @ 52m in Lawrence, MA.  Tower is 
northeast of Lawrence right off 495.  Can you say WKLB (99.5) in Lowell, 
anyone?  Edgewater also wants 103.7 in Gloucester just east of the end of 
Rt.128.  Fat chance since WBCN's 60dBu has the same coverage as WTKK's; all 
of Cape Ann.   Remember - commercial allocations are determined by 
distance, not contours...but distance is MORE conservative than contours.

The little area of Montvale (halfway between downtown Woburn @ I-93) will 
get an allocation on 97.7 if Juan Alberto Ayala has his way...a full 
250watts @ 30 meters no less.  With co-channel WBOT Brockton less than 20 
miles away, somehow I doubt this'll happen.

And as if the Cape needs even more radio...Skynet Communications (a bunch 
of Ah-nuld's "Terminator" movie fans? :-) wants 97.7 in Provincetown with a 
lousy 10w @ 9m (no surprise - P-town is hell on towers).  Perhaps this is a 
feint to get a subcarrier with paging service there?

Nantucket Public Radio wants 107.9 / 75w @ 20m AGL in Vineyard Haven 
(Martha's Vineyard).   I wonder who this is...can't be WGBH/WCAI-WNAN since 
WCAI is already in Vineyard Haven.   I wouldn't think it's WBUR with 
WBUR-AM already reaching well enough.  Were there any LPFM's down around 
there?   They also want 100.7 in Chatham...with WTWV on 101.1 in Mashpee, I 
don't see that working.   And also 93.9 in Centerville (west of 
Hyannis)...WTWV's sister station WDVT on 93.5 in HarwichPort might be a 
little upset with that.

Oscar Aguero Ministry is gunning for 101.5 in Gloucester..just north of the 
two rotaries at the end of Rt.128.  55w @ 30m AGL.  There's a lot of 
stations around this frequency but most are pretty far from Cape Ann except 
for WFNX...so it might work.

Finally, UMass wins the obnoxious over-filing award with no fewer than 
TWELVE Massachusetts applications.   They want 97.9, 103.5 and 93.9 in 
Pittsfield, also 98.3, 103.3 & 100.9 in Lee, also 101.1 and 96.9 in North 
Adams, also 103.7, 100.9 and 98.7 in Great Barrington...all presumably for 
WMUA in Amherst.  Also 97.3 in Worcester, presumably for 
WBPR/WUMB.     Maybe Billy Bulger wants to campaign on the airwaves to save 
his job...

There are, of course, many more translator apps than just these...I just 
didn't transcribe the non-Boston-related ones.

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