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Re: Boston-area Translator apps

The application west of Belmont Country Club and south of Route 2 sounds like 
the proposal is for the former WCOP-FM (et al) stick on the WAMG 1150 property 
(owned by American Tower Systems) at 75 Concord Ave in Lexington. I'm sure that 
if a CP is granted (unlikely, given the 94.9 frequency), and the applicant can 
come to terms with ATS on the rent, there will be no problems using the tower.
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> Anyone notice that in the recent commercial-band translator app window, 
> Emerson College has filed for a few translators!
> One in New Bedford on 96.5FM with 19w at 116m AGL.
> Another in Worcester on 97.7FM, also with 19w but at 84m AGL
> Lots more interesting translators...although something to keep in mind is 
> that an app for 94.9 in Quincy (by Living Proof, Inc) has already been 
> dismissed.  FCC site doesn't say why.
> CSN International of the 90.5FM powerhouse in Manomet with the COL of 
> Scituate - is applying for:
> 96.5 / 1 watt @ 233m AGL in Quincy (ya think WTKK on 96.9 might have 
> something to say about that??)   It must be on the Blue Hill 
> site...Lat/Long puts it just south of Cunningham Park in Milton.
> 102.9FM / 1 watt @ 248m AGL in Boston (ya think WCRB and WODS might have 
> something to say about that??).  Lat/Long puts it on top of the Hancock 
> Tower...I thought after that messiness with WZLX (was it ZLX?) back in the 
> day the Hancock tower didn't accept radio clients for tower space?
> Living Proof, Inc is going for 102.1FM / 10 watts @ 233m AGL in Quincy 
> (also at Blue Hill)...again, ya think WCRB might have something to say 
> about that?   WFNX might as well.   Living Proof is also going for 99.5 in 
> "Sandwitch" (that's what the app says!) which 99.9 WQRC will probably 
> fight.  106.5 in Barnstable as well, which WCOD 106.1 will block.  And 
> they're angling for 96.5 in Plymouth (WTKK where are you? :-)   Finally 
> they want 94.9 in Boston (with WHRB and WJMN?  Not likely)
> Did all these idiots forget about second-adjacent spacing requirements???
> Northeast Broadcasting Company is aiming for:
> 102.9 / 10w @ 251m AGL also on Hancock Tower, with WCRB? Ya right...but 
> they're also going for...
> 102.1 on the Blue Hill, also for 96.5 / 10w @ 152m in Needham (FM-128 I 
> think) with WCRB??, also for...
> 94.9 / 13w @ 91m AGL in Lexington (just west of the Belmont County Club and 
> south of Rt.2)...fat chance with WJMN.
> Radio Assist Ministry is gunning for 96.5 / 27w @ 46m AGL in 
> Gloucester.  I'm told RAM is going for extremely ambitious translators 
> across New England (remember, all commercial translators can only be fed 
> via an off-the-air reception - no satellites!)   WTKK's 60dBu contour does 
> cover ALL of Cape Ann - and all the way up to Newburyport - so I doubt this 
> one will slip through.
> Edgewater Broadcasting wants 99.9 / 19w @ 52m in Lawrence, MA.  Tower is 
> northeast of Lawrence right off 495.  Can you say WKLB (99.5) in Lowell, 
> anyone?  Edgewater also wants 103.7 in Gloucester just east of the end of 
> Rt.128.  Fat chance since WBCN's 60dBu has the same coverage as WTKK's; all 
> of Cape Ann.   Remember - commercial allocations are determined by 
> distance, not contours...but distance is MORE conservative than contours.
> The little area of Montvale (halfway between downtown Woburn @ I-93) will 
> get an allocation on 97.7 if Juan Alberto Ayala has his way...a full 
> 250watts @ 30 meters no less.  With co-channel WBOT Brockton less than 20 
> miles away, somehow I doubt this'll happen.
> And as if the Cape needs even more radio...Skynet Communications (a bunch 
> of Ah-nuld's "Terminator" movie fans? :-) wants 97.7 in Provincetown with a 
> lousy 10w @ 9m (no surprise - P-town is hell on towers).  Perhaps this is a 
> feint to get a subcarrier with paging service there?
> Nantucket Public Radio wants 107.9 / 75w @ 20m AGL in Vineyard Haven 
> (Martha's Vineyard).   I wonder who this is...can't be WGBH/WCAI-WNAN since 
> WCAI is already in Vineyard Haven.   I wouldn't think it's WBUR with 
> WBUR-AM already reaching well enough.  Were there any LPFM's down around 
> there?   They also want 100.7 in Chatham...with WTWV on 101.1 in Mashpee, I 
> don't see that working.   And also 93.9 in Centerville (west of 
> Hyannis)...WTWV's sister station WDVT on 93.5 in HarwichPort might be a 
> little upset with that.
> Oscar Aguero Ministry is gunning for 101.5 in Gloucester..just north of the 
> two rotaries at the end of Rt.128.  55w @ 30m AGL.  There's a lot of 
> stations around this frequency but most are pretty far from Cape Ann except 
> for WFNX...so it might work.
> Finally, UMass wins the obnoxious over-filing award with no fewer than 
> TWELVE Massachusetts applications.   They want 97.9, 103.5 and 93.9 in 
> Pittsfield, also 98.3, 103.3 & 100.9 in Lee, also 101.1 and 96.9 in North 
> Adams, also 103.7, 100.9 and 98.7 in Great Barrington...all presumably for 
> WMUA in Amherst.  Also 97.3 in Worcester, presumably for 
> WBPR/WUMB.     Maybe Billy Bulger wants to campaign on the airwaves to save 
> his job...
> There are, of course, many more translator apps than just these...I just 
> didn't transcribe the non-Boston-related ones.
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