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Now That WXKS-AM Has Been Cleared...

Now that we've cleared WXKS-AM 1430 of technical irregularities,
it's time to keep an eye (ear?) on WROL-AM 950.
Last night (just after midnight 05/04), as I was driving north on Rt 128 approaching the 93-North cloverleaf,
just for fun I clicked on WROL.  It SEEMED rather strong, and
did not fade in the underpass.  In a few miles, just past 
Wilmington, when it should have faded out completely were
it pumping out 90 watts, it successfully covered WPEN 
and WIBX.  WROL was a somewhat frequent flouter of the
local sunset rules under its previous owner.  I thought
Salem would be a little more responsible if indeed  it
was operating with more than authorized output last night.  Attention WROL: LG is on the case!

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