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Stallions And Mares

I was listening briefly to WCAP-AM Lowell, MA this
afternoon, and caught a promo for this Saturday's
Kentucky Derby.  Good old 980,  not otherwise a sports
powerhouse will devote a portion of Saturday to the declining
horse-racing industry...and the station has a sponsor:
an "adult" book and video store downtown and a strip-club
in Tewksbury that the Town Fathers (and Mothers) attempted
to close down. I don't care about the race, and I'll be
miles away from the Merrimack Valley, so I won't get
to hear the spots for this "entertainment complex".
I wonder if they'll use some slogan like "putting the
KY in the KY Derby", or "in the saddle in more ways than one". Will Gary voice the spots?

Laurence Glavin

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