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96.5 In Newport, RI

Today's (05/01) FCC Daily Digest notes that the license for
W243AI, 96.5 in Newport, RI passed from G.W. Ferguson
to his Estate.  I thought that this outlet was a 
translator of severely-dumbed-down pseudo-classical WCRB-FM
in Waltham. Then the South Street Snoozer bought a rim-shotter
(rim-shooting into the Southern portion of the Providence market)
on Block Island (is the mayor there the Blockhead?).
I thought when they did that, they would shut down the
translator.  (Why do they call it a translator anyway...
when the Mother Ship played Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
once-a-year on LvB's birthday, people listening to
it on W243AI heard it in German, just like in Boston!)
Does anybody know what in fact was being broadcast on
96.5 in Newport?  The city also has a low-power outlet
offering jazz, folk and alt. rock I believe.
Did Dr. Ferguson run it himself a la Simon Geller,
or did it continue as a translator?

Laurence Glavin

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