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Re: Stallions And Mares

 Laurence Glavin wrote:

> I was listening briefly to WCAP-AM Lowell, MA this
> afternoon, and caught a promo for this Saturday's
> Kentucky Derby.  Good old 980,  not otherwise a sports
> powerhouse will devote a portion of Saturday to the declining
> horse-racing industry...and the station has a sponsor:
> an "adult" book and video store downtown and a strip-club
> in Tewksbury that the Town Fathers (and Mothers) attempted
> to close down.

The adult entertainment" establishment is in Tyngsboro, not Tewksbury. They
as well as the book and video store have advertised on WCAP before. They
usually sponsor special events, and I believe they have sponsored WCAP's
Christmas music extravaganza in the past. The ads are tastefully done, and
as long as they pay the bill, I'm sure the station has no problem with it.

Mark Watson