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Re: Minor league baseball on radio

I have no numbers to prove this, but my impression is that few people follow
a minor baseball league team the way they follow a major league team like
the Red Sox.  The Portland SeaDogs are a very successful minor league
franchise and do very well in attendance, but I never hear people talking
about how the team is doing or about specific players.  That may change now
that they are a Red Sox affiliate, but my impression is that most fans go to
the games because they like baseball and Hadlock is a great place to watch a
game.  But I think the number of people who are interested in following the
team's games on the radio is very small.

The last time I tuned in  -- most of the radio sponsors for the SeaDogs were
businesses who also sponsored the team at the stadium.  I think they look at
their radio sponsorship as part of their package of SeaDogs sponsorship, not
as something that provided independent value.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine