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Re: Minor league baseball on radio

Ravens are now owned by the Spinners

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003 11:17AM -0500, Aaron Read wrote:
> At 11:02 AM 4/28/2003, Howard Glazer wrote:
>> The Eastern League's New Haven Ravens, like the Spinners, are also off
>> the air this season -- their last in New Haven before they move to
>> Manchester, N.H. Surprisingly, the team has retained announcer Bill
>> Schweitzer, who does the games for an Internet-only feed.
>> WAVZ (better known to Globe readers as WABV) dropped the Ravens to
>> become a Yankees affiliate. With WCBS and WICC both putting big signals
>> into New Haven, I've got to wonder how many more ears the major league
>> games are reaching over puny 1300.
>> Howard
> Has anyone approached Yale's radio stations about covering the 
> Ravens?   After all, they've got two frequencies - 1340AM for freeform 
> and 94.3FM for urban contemporary.   Both appear to have good New Haven 
> coverage.
> Of course, this is Yale we're talking about here.  But I have no idea 
> how much control the students have over the actual air product - if 
> it's a lot it might be workable if you have a sympathetic student 
> executive board...and according to WYBC's site they seem to do a fair 
> amount of Yale sports coverage already...
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