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Re: No Radio For The Lowell Spinners This Season?

Aaron Read wrote:
> FWIW, I'm already asking my contacts involved with WJUL if they know about
> it and, if so, why the heck they're not trying to take advantage of
> it...seems like a real no-brainer.
> WJUL's got better coverage in Lowell, too.

I'm sure the option has been considered but I'm thinking it's a last resort
for the Spinners, since I'm sure the Webers would prefer a rights fee doled
out by a radio station to having to pay some $$$ to get the games on a
non-comm FM. I would envision a situation with a non-comm where the Spinners
could sell "underwriting annoucements" to sponsors, pay a fee to WJUL to
administer the broadcast and to air the games, and keep some for themselves.
Presumably, any such scenario would also give WJUL some comp "spots" for
underwriting pleas of their own.

The only other options for the Spinners are WCAP and WHOB (which Dave F.
floated here a while back)...all's been quiet on the WHOB front.
Hmmm...gotta make ya wonder.