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New Fox Station on the air

The new Fox station in Maine is now on the air.  Right now, they are showing
the national Foxnet feed.  "Crossing Over" with Jonathan Edwards is on
ow  -- a show you would have never seen on the channel when it was a Pax

On May 1st, my local cable system is dropping Foxnet as a result of the
change and adding Soapnet.

On another note:  CNN reports that a Boston Herald reporter and a Fox News
producer were caught bringing paintings on Saddam Hussien into the country
from Iraq.  The Fox producer has been arrested and fired.  The Herald
reporter claims to have found the painting on the ground of a palace.  He
was not charged.

I guess the looting was such a big story because the US Media was
participating in it!'

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine