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Re:Network News

---------- "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net> writes:
Of the radio network news, who are the most dominant? (Is there a breakout
of networks-by-penetration?)
Bill O'Neill

If you can believe their websites:

ABC Radio,  more than 4500 affiliates reaching 147 Million people
CNN Max/linked from Westwood One,    2143 affiliates
CBS Radio/linked from Westwood One,  1496 affiliates
NBC Radio/linked from Westwood One,   279 affiliates
WONE/linked from Westwood One,        645 affiliates
NPR,                        more than 640 affiliates

The CNN Radio site mentions Arbitron Radar Radio Network audience reports that measures 31 radio networks.  CNN claims the CNN Max network was ranked #1 12+ and in the 25-54 demo claiming 6,640,000 people listing in a typical week.