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Re:Network News

At 04:17 AM 2/4/2003 +0000, Dave Faneuf wrote:
>---------- "Bill O'Neill" <billo@shoreham.net> writes:
>Of the radio network news, who are the most dominant? (Is there a breakout
>of networks-by-penetration?)
>Bill O'Neill
>If you can believe their websites:
>ABC Radio,  more than 4500 affiliates reaching 147 Million people
>CNN Max/linked from Westwood One,    2143 affiliates
>CBS Radio/linked from Westwood One,  1496 affiliates
>NBC Radio/linked from Westwood One,   279 affiliates
>WONE/linked from Westwood One,        645 affiliates
>NPR,                        more than 640 affiliates
>The CNN Radio site mentions Arbitron Radar Radio Network audience reports 
>that measures 31 radio networks.  CNN claims the CNN Max network was 
>ranked #1 12+ and in the 25-54 demo claiming 6,640,000 people listing in a 
>typical week.

I'm not sure I believe those websites there, Dave.  Not that I don't 
believe the numbers...but what do they mean?   For example, a lot of NPR 
stations carry a fair amount of NPR programming - several hours' worth - 
over a 24 hour period.   Whereas a station that airs a dozen five minute 
news updates from CNN each day could be called an affiliate...even though 
they're only carrying a pittance of programming.

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