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RE: Fenway (was Re: Lowell Sun on ATT Comcast Cuts)

I don't think there is anymore. Fenway opened in 1912. The Boston baseball
team (not know as the Red Sox before 1912) played at the old Huntington Ave
Grounds on what I believe is now Northeastern University prior to 1912.

Wrigley in Chicago is the only other stadium that I think is close in age to

(Tiger Stadium in Detroit was also buit in 1912 until they built Comerica(?)
Park in the late 90's)

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> > Isn't Fenway one of the really old ball parks?  It's got a weird square
> > shape....is that WEEI billboard still painted on the wall?
> Fenway Park dates to early in the 20th century -- I think around
> World War I.  Are there any
> older stadiums in the major leagues?
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