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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

I was a BIG fan of the original WKOX-FM/WVBF of the early 70's. The
Electronic Mama was a constant on my radio (except for my late night AM

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> John H was definitely a creative programmer.  Yes, he played the hits.
> But there was a lot of personality thrown in.  The DJs were allowed to
> be candid about the music that the station was playing.  (i.e. John H
> ripping the needle off a Carpenters record; Or playing audience cheers
> every time the Partridge Family chimed into the chorus, "I think I love
> you...")  The format was Top 40, but these guys were treating us
> listeners like we were a more adult, FM-type audience.
> During the John H regime, WMEX also did cool things like:  Took live
> requests on rainy days for all songs about rain; Played the 'long
> versions' and album cuts; Played two in a row without interruption
> (Mixing/blending songs? Very FM!).  Meanwhile, WRKO was just playing
> "The Hits."  It was all short-version, pitched-up, repetitive music.
> There was no personality - except for Dale Dorman.
> In my opinion, the first nail in the WMEX coffin was the summer 1971
> debut of WVBF.  It was like WMEX music, but in stereo!  That same
> summer, Bud Ballou moved from WMEX to WVBF.  And, in the fall, John H
> was fired from 'MEX.
> That same fall, WRKO caught onto the 'FM sound,' and got progressive
> (slower talking DJs, long versions, two-in-a-row).  WMEX picked up DJs
> like Jim Connors, Tom Allen and J. Michael Wilson.  And they jumped on
> the Donny Osmond and Bay City Rollers bandwagon.  For this 15-year-old,
> WMEX was going down the toilet - fast.
> - Lou