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RE: Globe on John Garabedian

  John from PMS wrote:

>When Mr. Richmond died, he fired John H., and put Summer in place to run the
>station, who moved the station to "The Human Thing/The Lovin' Touch".  A
>total disaster!  The folks at WRKO did note the gains that Garabedian had
>performed and started to move their music into the same direction, playing
>the long versions, and some rare new music.  However, WRKO, having a
>slightly different audience than WMEX actually was hurting itself, and lost
>ratings, while WMEX gained.
>Once John H. was out, RKO went back to just "playing the singles", and
>regained it's composure, while sadly WMEX spun out of control with Summer.

Dick Summer was long gone by the time Mac died.  The Human Thing was from 
mid-late 1969 (I have a couple airchecks to prove it).  Dunno who became PD 
when John H. got fired, but it was WMEX, not WRKO that went back to just 
playing the singles.  WRKO stayed in semi-AOR mode for a couple years 
(again I have some airchecks from 1972 of WRKO and they're definitely 
playing album cuts).  Maybe Roger Kirk can expand on this a bit, I think he 
was at WRKO during that time.