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Maine Ratings

The ratings for the Maine markets are out.  The 12+ numbers have been posted

In Portland, WBLM and WPOR are the top two stations as usual, though the
ratings for both were down.  WCYY, fourth in the last book, was up to third
though its 12+ ratings dropped.  WGAN and WYNZ were tied for fourth.  WGAN
had a bad spring book, but their ratings were back to their normal level for
the fall.  Other notes: WZAN had a big jump and despite losing the Pats to
WBLM had higher ratings than the previous fall.  WMGX's 12+ ratings dropped
for the third straight book.  WCLZ was up for the third straight book.
Hip-hop has apparently peaked in Portland -- WRED took a big drop from the
spring.  Bob Bitner pointed out to me that WBZ had higher ratings than
Portland news station WMTW.  WMTW has been running TV ads that mention WBZ,
apparently the ads convinced people to tune to 1030.

In Augusta-Waterville, CHR WMME is the #1 station 12+ for the first time in
a while.  Olides WABK, which had been #1 in the last two books, dropped to a
tie for #2 with WCYY.  Country WEBB was fourth, with less than half of the
ratings they had in the Spring 2001 book when the station was #1.  Their are
two classic country stations in the Augusta market.  They combined for a 6.2
rating.  Maybe WTHT should switch to classic country instead of continuing
the losing battle against WPOR.  (WTHT is #1 in the Lewiston/Auburn ratings,
which is a book without a market.)

In Bangor, perenial #1 Country WQCB remains on top with Stephen King's WKIT
the #2 station.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine