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Re: "Kodachrome" (was CHRISTINA AGUILERA)

--- "elipolo@earthlink.net" <elipolo@earthlink.net>
> To finally clarify this, the song "Kodachrome" by
> Paul Simon, a major 
> hit in summer 1973, began with the line

I wonder if "Kodachrome" was banned by the BBC,
because I believe they don't (or didn't) allow songs
to mention brand names. The Kinks had to re-record
(or at least "loop") "Lola" because of the mention of
Coca-Cola (it was replaced with "cherry cola").

The versions of "I'd Like To Teach the World to Sing"
by the New Seekers and the Rooftop Singers (both of
which charted in the US) don't mention that particular
brand name; even though it was a spinoff
of a Coca-Cola jingle, they _don't_ use the line
"I'd like to buy the world a Coke" in the song...
thus I'll bet the BBC had no problem with that.