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Re: Old Channel 5 tower

At 04:36 PM 1/31/2003 -0500, Shawn Mamros wrote:
> >I will submit this to the tower experts on the list. Why hasn't the old
> >WHDH-TV tower in Newton ever been considered to ease the overcrowding on
> >Channel 4's stick.
>The old WHDH-TV tower is now better known as the FM-128 tower.  WCRB,
>WBMX (or have they moved to the Candelabra?), WJMN, WBUR and WODS all
>currently use it.

WGBH-FM has an application to move to FM-128, doesn't it?

FWIW, I know that this time it won't be rejected on the grounds that they 
need to demonstrate they won't interfere with 3rd-adjacent WZBC...we've 
worked with them to determine that the interference zone will be negligible 
(and worth getting the interference-free zone down in Milton once they leave)

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