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Re: Bruins vs. State of Union

Thank goodness NESN doesn't have a news deparment.

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003 4:10PM -0500, Sean Smyth wrote:
> Dave Faneuf  <tklaundry@juno.com> writes:
>>  Even though WODS and WBZ share a GM they have different PD's and are 
>> no
>>  longer in the same building.  If they were still at SFR all they 
>> would
>>  have had to do was dial up the appropriate Studio Pgm bus on the 
>> router
>>  on the air board and pot it up.  I don't think they can do that any
>>  longer even if WODS wanted to air it (which I doubt).  The 
>> President's
>>  speech is supposed to start about 9ish, figure an hour or so with
>>  commentary after.  I guess it depends on whether BZ wants to take the
>>  democratic response or not.  I know NPR is planning coverage til at 
>> least
>>  11pm including analysis and the dems response.
> In past years before WODS/WBZ fell under one banner, WBZ sent a few 
> Bruins'
> conflicts on Election Nights over to WJDA and WESX. Of course, neither 
> have
> anywhere near the coverage even in their immediate 'metros' as WBZ does 
> in
> said markets, nonetheless it covered most of Boston proper (WESX in 
> East
> Boston, WJDA in Southie and Dorchester always did well) except for JP 
> and
> West Roxbury (where I don't recall picking up either one at night).
> While WBZ will obviously keep its main studio over on SFR, I don't
> understand why they don't keep a backup studio with the rest of the 
> radio
> properties in the old Channel 38 building. (Did the plan to move all 
> the
> Infinity stations, besides 1030, over there go through?) Such a backup
> studio with a direct line connection would make such switchoffs more
> possible in the future.
> If anything, the Bruins should get shoved over on WBCN for the 
> night...they
> already have (minimal) sports pre-emptions so it wouldn't be exactly 
> foreign
> to have them on 104.1 for just one night.