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Re: Bruins vs. State of Union

Dave Faneuf  <tklaundry@juno.com> writes:
> Even though WODS and WBZ share a GM they have different PD's and are no
> longer in the same building.  If they were still at SFR all they would
> have had to do was dial up the appropriate Studio Pgm bus on the router
> on the air board and pot it up.  I don't think they can do that any
> longer even if WODS wanted to air it (which I doubt).  The President's
> speech is supposed to start about 9ish, figure an hour or so with
> commentary after.  I guess it depends on whether BZ wants to take the
> democratic response or not.  I know NPR is planning coverage til at least
> 11pm including analysis and the dems response.

In past years before WODS/WBZ fell under one banner, WBZ sent a few Bruins'
conflicts on Election Nights over to WJDA and WESX. Of course, neither have
anywhere near the coverage even in their immediate 'metros' as WBZ does in
said markets, nonetheless it covered most of Boston proper (WESX in East
Boston, WJDA in Southie and Dorchester always did well) except for JP and
West Roxbury (where I don't recall picking up either one at night).

While WBZ will obviously keep its main studio over on SFR, I don't
understand why they don't keep a backup studio with the rest of the radio
properties in the old Channel 38 building. (Did the plan to move all the
Infinity stations, besides 1030, over there go through?) Such a backup
studio with a direct line connection would make such switchoffs more
possible in the future.

If anything, the Bruins should get shoved over on WBCN for the night...they
already have (minimal) sports pre-emptions so it wouldn't be exactly foreign
to have them on 104.1 for just one night.