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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

"SteveOrdinetz" wrote:

> Nah, I think they were just sloppy.  WMEX jocks ran their own boards
> they were always tight.  My guess is that it was tolerated because it
> the station a "folksy" image.
> I could see having a separate announcer & board op when spots were
> off ETs or 5" reels,  but once carts became commonplace there was no

Gary Martin (former midday at WRKO) told of the station he worked at
where the DJ ran his own board and there were no cart machines.  Every
spot was on a 3" reel of tape on a pegboard.  There were multiple
reel-to-reels available to set up a spot set.

Can you imagine that setup for today's 10-12 unit break?