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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

>>At WBZ 1228 made concessions that at the time were staggering. Some 
>>genius at IBEW agreed that talent could operate anything without a VU 
>>meter. Suddenly VU less combo boards arrived.
>Remember seeing Arnie Ginsberg broadcasting from BZ's sundeck studio 
>sometime in the late 70s.  Board had no VU meters...one of the guys I was 
>with asked him and that's the reason he gave.  As I recall, WBZ's jocks 
>ran their own boards even in the 60s.  Remember there being an article in 
>the Globe around 1966 that featured a picture of one of the jocks (back of 
>his head...couldn't tell who it was) in front of an obviously home-made 
>board with no VU meters.

WBZ jocks could do it all except set levels.  They had no pots.

As BZ is a 50,000 directional station, a tech with FCC first class license
was needed 24/7 - back in the 60-70-80's.  The union did not loose any
positions on this one back then.