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Re: Entercom imposes contract on AFTRA

They had boards from Canada (mccurdy) where the pot had to be turned all 
the way to the right

No they didn t lose master control but they did lose the studio techs  
they were reassigned to projection

I am biased but back then WHDH WEEI and WRKO sounded so much better with 
techs running things and talent could concentrate on being talent

Ya think Jess Cain could have done what he did doing combo?  And was 
there ever a better Top 40 tech than Chet Kelley at RKO? A man who HATED 
the music.

Al Walker at WHDH never had a remote failure in 20 + years doing the 
Sox. Took WMEX all of 3 games to have one.

On Fri, 24 Jan 2003 9:58AM -0500, Ron Bello wrote:
>>> At WBZ 1228 made concessions that at the time were staggering. Some 
>>> genius at IBEW agreed that talent could operate anything without a VU 
>>> meter. Suddenly VU less combo boards arrived.
>> Remember seeing Arnie Ginsberg broadcasting from BZ's sundeck studio 
>> sometime in the late 70s.  Board had no VU meters...one of the guys I 
>> was with asked him and that's the reason he gave.  As I recall, WBZ's 
>> jocks ran their own boards even in the 60s.  Remember there being an 
>> article in the Globe around 1966 that featured a picture of one of the 
>> jocks (back of his head...couldn't tell who it was) in front of an 
>> obviously home-made board with no VU meters.
> WBZ jocks could do it all except set levels.  They had no pots.
> As BZ is a 50,000 directional station, a tech with FCC first class 
> license
> was needed 24/7 - back in the 60-70-80's.  The union did not loose any
> positions on this one back then.